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They don't have a lot of respect for those who blow their dough unwisely. Toddlers are notorious for craving structure and routine.

Taurus is ruled by sensual Venus, the goddess of love, and this is one of the reasons Taurus is so loveable! Like the bull, Taurus is powerful, headstrong, stubborn, and focused. They are not yet completely socialized, but it's no longer all about their own needs and wants as it was during the infant (Aries) stage. Toddlers' lives revolve around food, comfort, naps, potty training, and play time.

Of course, those folks are not really partnership material in most cases. You can be very important in your job this year, probably because you are just smarter than your cohorts.

Still, sometimes they are necessary and some of them can be fabulous people, especially if they do pro bono work on the side. We need a change and you are the sign that can most greatly contribute. There are important people gathering who wish to take a look at your work, or maybe your person.

You may be able to talk the birds out of the trees, but you won't be able to talk your way into a Taurus' heart. Taurus rules money and possessions, comfort, and ownership.

Be there for them, be patient, be loyal, be strong. How does this translate on romantic and sexual levels? Yes, they are possessive once they feel they do own you.

Your partner can bring a surge in income this year too. Either way, get their advice because you are actually helping them feel useful too. Experts have been there and done that and really are just looking for some peace and some peace of mind. You know, the hapless do-gooding, tree hugger types. They are coming in trappings of helpfulness and benevolence, and it does appear you should at least listen to them, however, it does seem they have some sort of ulterior motive.

And some partners are more of the silent type, so don't be afraid to let someone help you that will do so, but probably wants nothing to do with your endeavor. You might be surprised at their willingness to assist a friend. This is a world full of such things and people for whom the trappings of self-aggrandizement are paramount. Your long distance travel plans may be a little bit stymied and you will find some of your travels fraught with difficulty, if not danger.

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Its quite a challenge to coax the trust out of a Taurus, however.

Aries is the best known of the signs for taking care of itself. You can use your intellectual expertise to sneak up on your opposition this year and leverage this into something very satisfying. You have a very full 12th house, which I believe is one of the few residences of the sublime and etherial beings that dwell among us. But only if you haven't called upon them too many times already.

The south node is a sticky wicket and he too is among the fray. Don't mess with it unless you are really sure you are on the right side of the karma wheel..Golden Rule..whatever you understand as a point of reference for not screwing other people over as a matter of course. My dear Rams, this is a difficult time for many of us, but you have the potential to make your voice heard in a very large way.

In fact, coaxing Taurus to do much of anything is not easy.

Taurus takes their own sweet time, and they will trust you based on your actions over time rather than on what you say.