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Legend: Mesoamerica = Mexico and Central America Pre-Columbian = Before Christopher Columbus Amerindian = Indigenous Indians of North and South America Paleoindian/Paleoamerican = The original Black settlers of the Americas The discovery of a bird-like dinosaur in South America has paleontologists rethinking when, where and how one group of raptors evolved.

The rooster-sized dinosaur is called Buitreraptor (bwee-tree-rap-tor) gonzalezorum.

The two main sites are referred to as Mammoth Rocks and Jasper Rock.

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This site consists of a single jasper (red chert) boulder which stands about 2.5 m tall.This occured about 12,500 to 13,000 years ago, so that mountains are of camparatively recent origin." [Based on: Col. These staggering losses, involving the violent obliteration of more than 40 million animals, were not spread out evenly over the whole period; on the contrary, the vast majority of the extinctions occured in just two thousand years, between 11,000 BC and 9000 BC.To put this in perspective, during the previous 300,000 years only about twenty genera had disappeared.Evidence that they existed in the Southern Hemisphere has been mounting.Today's announcement of a well-preserved fossil represents the first definitive evidence that dromaeosaurs roamed South America as well.Buitreraptor is related to Velociraptor, the presumed cunning killer made famous by Hollywood.