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You can hear and see the interlocutor in a nearby window, so he sees you.
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She creates a list of various acts she wants to experience – “makeout,” “fingerbang,” “dry hump,” "orgasm" – and ticks them off one by one, employing friends and coworkers as lab partners in the experiment. Of the many waitressing jobs that she got fired from one of the most memorable was being a cocktail waitress in a bowling alley/secret nightclub. Maybe it was early, maybe she wanted to make people at FOX uncomfortable, or maybe she was drunk.

The Irina Dunn-quoting Brandy so clinical about the project that it drives the boys crazy. Either way, enjoy the bizarre interview that ensues.

Indeed, while “The To Do List” isn’t the first movie about a teen girl determined to become a woman, most of the prior examples that spring to mind (Bernardo Bertolucci’s “Stealing Beauty” and the 1980 French hit “La Boum” among them) were more serious in tone and (unsurprisingly) made by European directors. What about your advice for approaching ladies in general? I think girls like to know that the guy's just on point and knows what he wants. And what's the best way for a woman to approach a man? Carey, a veteran of sitcoms and sketch comedy, brings a refreshing laissez-faire attitude toward her ostensibly taboo subject matter, which in turn manages something very few teen sex comedies of any stripe have done: It demystifies the sex act to the point that Brandy’s goal seems ever less momentous the closer she gets to fulfilling it.Or, to quote the movie’s own rather enlightened conclusion, “Sex is a big deal but not always a big deal.” All of which makes “The To Do List” just promising enough for you to wish it were even better.CBS Films is bringing The To Do List to theaters this Valentine’s Day.