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There are two points of equal importance - "How to make your dating website popular" and "How to increase popularity and not loose everything". Think of a short, easy to remember domain name, which will fit your company name and type of your services. Search engines may drop your site with such hosting very fast. And don't forget to refer to us when subscribing (our username is lovecomp). Think of what content and what services exactly you are going to present and care to update your site frequently and add unique and valuable contend as often as you can. Most of your visitors and search engines wouldn't like it at all.

Find reliable and fast hosting provider for your site. All of your pages must be easily accessible and on the same hand placing all your links on every page won't do any good. Ask to place your keywords in the text of the link - this will help you with search engines. Make your contacts easily available and manage your website every day, answer all letters, add content, explore, investigate, share your knowledge, find partners, ask questions and eventually you will see your income grow.

you can use other accessory ways of advertising like badges, banners in the ...

Online dating or Internet dating is a personal introductory system where individuals can find ...

What are the best, legitimate steps to promote your dating website and attract traffic? This articles suggests basic tips about what you should and shouldn't do. Even though there are lots of domain extensions, you best choice is .com, because many of your site's visitors will remember you domain name, and will try to type it with next time. Free hosting won't do any good for you, because they don't provide fast connection speed and have to big downtime. Try to avoid heavy graphics, huge flash files and heaps of Java Script.

Remember that you should set a link to this site on your LINKS page first. You think you found a unique, legitimate and unknown way to boost your search engines position? Say no to any "link popularity improvements", "links to you", "cloaking", "doorway/gateway/whateverway pages", "FFA/link farm pages", etc. Otherwise, nobody will give a rat ass when you find your site gone from all search engines at once.

Yes, you must have heard that search engines start indexing dynamic pages better and better, but be sure that they are trying to APPROACH the easy and friendliness of static pages. Then place your keywords into your title tag, description tag, keywords tag and several times in the text of your page. Submit your site to major directories like DMOZ, Yahoo (this will cost you 9 a year), Joe Ant, Go Guides and dating specific directories - List of Dating Directories. Think as visitor and ask yourself if you would go to this site, and if yes, then write a polite letter asking webmaster to exchange links with you. Even in case you grab a few apples with a new trick, your site will get banned from major search engines very fast and for really long time (I am talking about years). In fact they will not help; they may only ruin your chances. All you need is a few links from other good, reputable sites and ALL search engines will find you and will rank your site better than in case you spam them with submission requests.

Don't link to sites that have nothing to do with your site's content. If webmaster doesn't want to link to you, improve your content and look for another site to swap links. Don't try to optimize your pages for keywords that are not relevant to your content. Please send your articles to [email protected] our review.

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