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Now at high school, the fashion-conscious youngster, who has written a book and launched a charity about her ordeal, has spoken about the difficulties of finding love and says the response she has had from her peers has left her feeling deflated.

Whether you are, Man Woman Transgender Unknown Or even other...

We are all a community of people Getting along doesn't come easy I don't think we all give equal effort I ask you the gays, hang in there and wait I ask you the straights, please quit with the unjust hate I ask the confused, you don't have to be just straight I ask the men, don't be sexist I ask the women, don't play mind games I ask the others, abide by both Our Sex doesn't identify us Our Orientation isn't the only thing we are All of us, no matter which group you're in...

We are all people We all deserve the same treatment If you show unrighteous hate, plan to receive such disgrace All we ask from our fellow LGBT is to please follow the same Straights, you non queers just listen a little please We don't expect total acceptance, just a bit of respect Please, don't take the option of marriage away?

I'm worried someone could turn on her, maybe even attack her if they found out further down the line.

Miss Jennings, who has twin older brothers, Sander and Griffin, both 16, and a sister Ari, 19, has 'longed to be a girl' for as long as she can remember and has never referred to herself as a boy.