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Consolidating post offices

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The conversion of a Post Office into, or the replacement of a Post Office with, another type of USPS-operated retail facility is not a discontinuance action subject to this section.

A change in the staffing of a Post Office such that it is staffed only part-time by a postmaster, or not staffed at all by a postmaster, but rather by another type of USPS employee, is not a discontinuance action subject to this section.

Discontinuance actions pending as of December 1, 2011, that pertain to the conversion of a Post Office to another type of USPS-operated facility are no longer subject to these regulations.

Includes within the general duties of USPS ensuring that postal patrons will have ready access to essential postal services, consistent with reasonable economies of postal operations.

Requires USPS, in carrying out conversions to centralized or curbside delivery, to establish procedures to: (1) solicit, consider, and respond to input from the general public, postal patrons, state and local governments, local associations, and property owners; (2) calculate and make publicly accessible the cost and savings of the conversion to USPS, postal patrons, and state and local governments; and (3) place centralized delivery points in locations that maximize delivery efficiency, ease of use for postal patrons, and respect for private property rights.

Authorizes USPS, until September 30, 2022, to withdraw funds from the Postal Service Delivery-Point Modernization Fund to carry out delivery point conversions and to provide for a voucher program to defray costs associated with delivery point conversion.

In light of this, the Embassy of Japan in cooperation with the Israeli Association of Japanese Studies and Herzog Fox & Neeman law office, is hosting a special lecture and a panel discussion on Sunday, November 6, at 6.45 p.m in the conference hall of Herzog, Fox & Neeman, at Asia House, 4 Weizman Street, Tel Aviv.

The event is titled New Security Dynamics in East Asia: Japan’s Expanding Strategic Portfolio. Ken Jimbo, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University.