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For an in-depth study of these fruit types, please refer to the A Systematic Treatment of Fruit Types by Richard Spjut (Memoirs of New York Botanic Garden, Volume 70, 1994). The endocarp protects and aids in the dispersal of the vulnerable seed, especially when it is swallowed by a hungry herbivore.

This scholarly article is based on extensive research of classical fruit nomenclature dating back to the 18th century. The fresh, greenish fruit of an almond (Prunus amygdalus) contains the familiar one-seeded endocarp (unshelled almond) that is commonly sold in supermarkets during the holiday season.

It didn’t fit me, because I wasn’t a boy, obviously.

After initially writing Bartrum's concerns off, medical professionals have since discovered (due to a string of other medical issues) that the mesh placed during her first surgery "breached her vaginal wall" and created a septic abscess, which she describes as feeling like "razor sharp teeth."After her vagina began leaking green pus, doctors finally decided to take a closer look. Edwin Dziba Ehi Maxwell Ejike Eki Omorodion Elder Okwunudu Paul Elizabeth E. Edward Omana Edward Savimbi Edward Yengeni Edwin Clark, Esq. Unfortunately it does not use the term "nut" as a distinct fruit type. Each hard-shelled endocarp contains a single examples of drupes include date palm nuts (Phoenix dactylifera) and pistachio nuts (Pistacia vera). In dry drupes the outer layer or husk sometimes splits open or withers.Idris Barrister Bello Kareem Barrister Ben Cassy, Esq.