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Hannibal Lecter VIII (born 1933) is a Lithuanian-American serial killer, notorious for consuming his victims, earning him the nickname "Hannibal the Cannibal".

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SO, an RB-250 with the serial number, 0002-10, would be a 2000 year model, built in February and it was the 10th one built that year. Oh yeah, and sometimes the model number is stamped in front of the other numbers. Lynwood Lunsford"Alright New update I just took off the resonator, and looked at the label.No date, or numbers, but it says, 'Kalamazoo, Mich'.

(sounds of tinkling coming from behind the bathroom door) Me: Yeah. The Boss Lady: (exiting the bathroom and getting dressed) Shame. The Boss Lady: (staring for just a moment) You really enjoy this line of work, dont you? And I bet that at least twice a week you roll your trash out to the curb in the morning, and then later on when you come home from work, the trash is all gone. Somebodys got to actually do the deed, so that your nice little street stays nice and tidy. The Boss Lady: And thats where the Efficiency Experts come in?

The Boss Lady: (getting up out of bed and padding to the bathroom) Ouch, thats harsh.

If you want a ride back to the office with me youd better get a move on. I could call my admin gal and let her know we are off on some logistics thing. And from what I hear, if I dont catch him before hell have already disappeared for the afternoon.

Somebodys gonna have to buy the groceries at the Johnson house. I bet you live in a nice big house on a nice exclusive street. Me: (slipping on the sports coat, and standing by the hotel room door with the keys) Well, the trash doesnt just haul itself away. Somebodys always going to get paid to make the tough decisions and take care of the distasteful details that everyone else wants to take for granted, and even criticize.

Somebodys always going to get paid to do the distasteful jobs that everybody else wants to take for granted. Me: And its the same with civic leader, Mayors, Governors, and elected bureaucrats. Say, do you think youd like to come by my house some time?