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Dealing dating man kids

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There are a lot of ways that you could react to discovering that he has children, but if he truly is the man of your dreams you should be able to have a relationship with him and with his children.

But what if they have a child or multiple children?

First thing you need to understand is there is nothing wrong with dating a person or marrying someone with kids.

I didn’t realize bills stretch far beyond a daycare’s door.

But how do you deal with this situation when you don't have any children of your own?

Dating is hard enough, but when you add someone else's kids to the equation, things can get tricky. Tall, Dark and Handsome walks up to you, smiles and introduces himself.

I “met” Deesha Phillywaw through her book Co-parenting 101: Helping Your Kids Thrive in Two Households After Divorce.

I wish I read her work before I became a co-parent.