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Good engineering practice of updating standards

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1.2 This document provides guidance on what constitutes good practice and on how relevant application of good practice contributes to the duty to reduce risks ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’ (SFAIRP) or demonstrate that risks have been reduced ALARP.It complements, ‘Principles and Guidelines to assist HSE in its judgements that duty-holders have reduced risk as low as reasonably practicable’’ and “Policy and guidance on reducing risks as low as reasonably practicable in Design”.For example, all of the disciplines of science share a commitment to data and evidence as the foundation for developing claims about the world.

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3.2 In securing compliance with the law in accordance with the HSC Enforcement Policy principles of proportionality, consistency, targeting, transparency and accountability, HSE inspectors take account of the legal interpretations given in statute, relevant case law and the guidance in ‘Principles and Guidelines to assist HSE in its judgements that duty-holders have reduced risk as low as reasonably practicable’ which contains specific advice on the application of good practice.Engineering standards are documents that specify characteristics and technical details that must be met by the products, systems and processes that the standards cover.The purpose of developing and adhering to standards is to ensure minimum performance, meet safety requirements, make sure that the product/system/process is consistent and repeatable, and provide for interfacing with other standard-compliant equipment (ensure compatibility).There are several good sources on engineering standards, including the IEEE Standards in Education and Standards Association portals; the website of ASTM International ; and the website of ANSI, the American National Standards Institute.Engineers who work on wireless communications, are likely to be very familiar with the IEEE 802 standards; these deal with local area networks and metropolitan area networks.The off-site damage was spread over 8 miles, involving over 2400 homes and businesses.