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People iphone unplugged while updating

My limbs felt numb, like they’d been drained of blood and then stuck with hundreds of needles. I have some insight into the female mind ;) I sucked in my breath and opened the text from Kayla. Oh, idk if you saw on fb but we are a couple now :) he’s a really good guy. I’d be happy to help you with your homework tonight. It wouldn’t be polite of you as one of my new best friends to disappear on me after one day. I’m serious when I say my greatest wish at that moment was just to crawl in bed and stare at the ceiling for the rest of the day. After about ten minutes, it was down to only three players on each side. I’ll be back before the bell so you have time to change.” He left as the nurse handed me the ice pack and wordlessly sat back at her desk. I leaned back and closed my eyes, wishing again that I had been quicker on the uptake. She’s pretty good at athletics, dodgeball at least. “I hope it doesn’t hurt too bad.” I was getting really annoyed at this point. Just drop it.” “No, really,” he said, pointing a finger at it, “I didn’t think it would do .” As he said ‘that’ he jabbed his finger forward and pushed on the bruise. I’ll put an ice pack on it when I get home, I promise.” “I’m going to make Craig drop me off at home early,” she said, “And then I’m coming over to check on you.” “You sure you’ll be able to? ” Craig said, sliding beside her, “He’s hurt enough as it is.” The rage was building like a volcano inside me. “If it’s something private, then I’ll give you guys space.” “Thanks, Jack,” Craig said, “You’re a pal.” His grin was nothing but condescension. Her other hand was fondling his balls, stroking them and scratching them lightly.