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Here, the 23-year-old lead singer talks music, acting, and her real stance on religion. It’s freedom to be expressive, it’s the freedom to say, “Fuck it! The music was never a phase, but the wardrobe was certainly a phase, so I think that may have overshadowed the music in the beginning, for sure. But I was 16 and living out whatever I was going through at the time. I wouldn’t identify it specifically as the industry because I think that’s too limiting to the songs.She also laments that, once upon a time, she duct-taped her nipples. But I don’t look back on the records and go, “I wish I didn’t do that.” So the music was always the thing that has been in our world. I’ve read that in a couple reviews that have come [out] that I’ve seen, which is fine. I go through ups and downs just like everyone does.It also set her up for a life lived largely on the road. It’s a metaphoric record of heaven and hell, good and bad. I’ll say this: It fit me at the time, whatever phase I was in or whatever that was.She’d been bookended by tour dates for as long as she could remember when she and bandmate Ben Phillips finally sat down to write this latest album, which she describes as a rebirth of sorts. Everyone likes to stereotype things or write them off as not that serious or “this is just a phase,” especially when you’re that young. I think that me now, I wouldn’t take a 16-year-old seriously in any capacity. You’re a child.” So looking back at it now, I’m like, of course! I’m wearing stripper heels, flashing duct tape on my tits, and being a fucking nutcase.The sudden death of Chris Cornell rocked his fellow musicians to the core.

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When you write something good there’s no better feeling. You put it out into the ether and see what happens. I don’t have some alter ego and some other name like, I’m going to get into this zone now. TM: I know who you’re talking about, drawing a blank. Not that Garth Brooks isn’t an amazing songwriter in his own right. Taylor Momsen and Ben Phillips from The Pretty Reckless with us on the show. Of course celebrating the success of this latest record, ‘Going to Hell’ and the No.‘Loudwire Nights’ host Full Metal Jackie had a chance to catch up with The Pretty Reckless’ Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips, and they spoke about the recent success, the formation of the group and finding their sound. What’s the most noticeable evolution of that creative relationship between albums? TM: Yeah, it pretty much clicked pretty immediately. Serj from System — the singer is obviously the star of any band, so even though it seems it would be different because there’s a celebrity in the band it’s really the same as any other band.Check out the interview below: Loudwire Nights, Full Metal Jackie here. TM: The biggest thing is I’m older from the first record. BP: I had a band and it was produced by a guy named Kato [Khandwala] who is our producer. Ben, I think it’s safe to say you’ve got a hot chick singing for you guys. What does that give you an opportunity to do both onstage and off-stage? I like to say that if I asked you who the drummer for System of a Down is, would you be able to give me the name? I personally, it allows me to do nothing which is really why I got into this. Taylor, your musical role models are predominantly men.We’ve got Taylor and Ben from the band The Pretty Reckless. I wrote the first record when I was 14 and 15 and on this one I’m 19, 20 so there’s definitely an evolution there. TM: Yeah [laughs] — I think we honed into a sound on this record. Kato met Taylor and he said, you should write with this guy. How does that result in the betterment of the band? TM: And I got into joining a band so I didn’t have to do all of this by myself — because it’s really boring [to be a solo act] [laughs]. BP: Which by the way is a Beatles line that she stole. Being a woman, but having those masculine points of reference, how much of an advantage is that when you’re trying to make a song relatable to both genders? It’s something that never really crosses my mind until I get asked about it in interviews. Write a quality song and if we’re happy with it, you put it out into the world and hope it can connect to people in some way. A lot of the songs on the record aren’t songs that just a girl would relate to or a dude would relate to.BP: When we met, the thing that clicked with everybody is that when you’re looking for a band — when Gene Simmons puts in an ad in the back of ‘Rolling Stone’ or whatever — you’re looking for people who are like-minded. TM: Well, I met Kato and then through Kato I met you — BP: She heard the band and went, well I’ll just be the singer of that band and write your songs [laughs]. That’s got to be something that’s considered key in songwriting to be able to have it relate to anybody.Ch-ch-check out all the videos (below) to see the moving tributes. Check out their responses below: Filed under: Kristin Chenoweth • Drake Bell • Jesse Mc Cartney • Adele • Taylor Momsen • Taylor Hanson • Justin Bieber • Cher Lloyd • Live & Exclusive!