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Sevlet program for updating table

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Next, we need to implement a Data Access Layer (DAO) class that provides CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations for the table book in database. In addition, for each individual book there are two links for editing (Edit) and deleting (Delete). * @author public class Controller Servlet extends Http Servlet class when the servlet is instantiated for the first time.

Here’s the full source code of the package net.codejava.javaee.bookstore; import tag to determine whether this object is available or not. The JDBC connection information will be read from Servlet’s context parameters.

Http Servlet Response; @Web Servlet("/Save Servlet") public class Save Servlet extends Http Servlet import

Coyote Service(Coyote Adapter.java:331) at org.apache.catalina.connector. Coyote Adapter.service(Coyote Adapter.java:231) at enterprise.v3. Container Mapper$Adapter Callable.call(Container Mapper.java:317) at enterprise.v3. Container Mapper.service(Container Mapper.java:195) at Processor Task.invoke Adapter(Processor Task.java:849) at Default Protocol Chain.execute Protocol Filter(Default Protocol Chain.java:137) at grizzly. Http Servlet Response; @Web Servlet("/Edit Servlet2") public class Edit Servlet2 extends Http Servlet import Servlet Exception; import javax.servlet.annotation. Http Servlet Response; @Web Servlet("/Delete Servlet") public class Delete Servlet extends Http Servlet import In this step, we want to add a link to the book listing so when the user clicks it a form gets rendered so that they can edit the details of book. Also we want an add link so that the end user can add a new book to the listing. If the ender user linked to /book, it would not take them back to the listing but back to a form, which not correct. We have created the following files for this bookstore example: $ find . ./Web Content/WEB-INF/pages/Book Form ./Web Content/WEB-INF/pages/Book Listing ./src/META-INF/Needed for Java EE dependency injection (CDI) ./src/com/bookstore/Domain/model object ./src/com/bookstore/Book Repository Repository implementation using Java collections (just for testing) ./src/com/bookstore/Book Interface to Book Repository so we can swap it out with JDBC, JPA, JCache and Mongo DB version later ./src/com/bookstore/web/Book Editor Servlet that loads Book (do Get) form and handles Book form submissions (do Post).