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As previously announced, the Trust has entered into a plan of liquidation such that its final liquidating distribution will be made on or about October 31, 2009.

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At the end of the report, Roberts and Chang even praised the courage of the mother for being “inspired” to change genders because of her child’s transformation. There are two generations, a metaphor really, for the transgender journey.

They both say they knew as kids that something was off with their gender but Corey came out at 15 and mom watched her daughter brave the bullies.

Feeling confused about her attraction, she was relieved after looking it up on the internet and finding an article on Genetic Sexual Attraction.

"Must love dogs, like to travel and be kind to in-laws (fabulous ones, of course). Sometimes a first date is the last, says Terry Beck, a 58-year-old mother in California.

But ABC characterizes the pair's journey to become the opposite gender as “inspiring” and brave.

The report explained how Corey was bullied at first but won the school’s support to use the girl’s bathrooms and locker rooms, citing Obama’s transgender bathroom guidelines.

anchor Juju Chang touted a story of a mother and son both declaring themselves as transgender and getting gender re-assignment hormones and surgery.

The two ABC anchors mutually gushed over the “incredible” “moving” and “touching” story.