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Updating data in cell phone

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It is possible to estimate the size of this potential bias.The Pew Research Center for the People & the Press conducts surveys with samples of landline and cell phones, which allow for comparisons of findings from combined landline and cell interviews with those only from landline interviews.

The PRL is built by an operator and is normally not accessible to the user.Data from Pew Research Center polling this year suggest that the bias is as large, and potentially even larger, than it was in 2008 (See “Calling Cell Phones in ’08 Pre-Election Polls,” Dec. In three of four election polls conducted since the spring of this year, estimates from the landline samples alone produced slightly more support for Republican candidates and less support for Democratic candidates, resulting in differences of four to six points in the margin.One poll showed no difference between the landline and combined samples.That’s also true when it comes to watching shows—4G video streaming uses about 350 MB an hour.You probably get a lot of notifications and other alerts on your phone or tablet, which can also consume data. Others—like being notified that there’s a new level available in Candy Crush Saga—maybe not so much.Be sure to disable email and push notifications, automatic app updates and your device’s GPS when you don’t need them.