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Updating private repo

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However, this is only really recommended during development times. on satis i have only one repo, this repo is a complete site development under yii, with a lot of folders and their own file.

Sometimes I only needed to enter credentials once, sometimes multiple times. It prompts for my Github username and password but doesn't respond after I enter them. If I press ctrl c several times I can abort updating that package, and then some (but not all) of my other private repositories are able to update successfully. Every version of every file for the history of the project is pulled down by default when you run .In fact, if your server disk gets corrupted, you can often use nearly any of the clones on any client to set the server back to the state it was in when it was cloned (you may lose some server-side hooks and such, but all the versioned data would be there – see Git on the Server for more details).My own Satis instance hosts 120 internal packages, and Satis runs either once each night, or manually on demand if a developer needs the update quicker. Note that you can omit the Satis update cycle by adding the repository you are developing with as an additional vcs repo.